2017 Record Prize Fund

The British Wheelchair Pool Players Association (BWPPA) is the recognised governing body of American wheelchair pool in Great Britain and is now the largest National wheelchair tour in the World.

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The BWPPA Tour is a devil’s playground of talent, we have two double European Wheelchair Pool Champions, USA National Pool Champions and multiple World Champions at other wheelchair cue sports, who now play American pool.

You too could be part of the biggest and most exciting wheelchair pool tour in the World.  BWPPA has players of many disabilities and abilities, there is a place for every wheelchair player with an interest in American pool.

The BWPPA would like to thank all our sponsors highlighted on the right hand side of this website for their continued support and active interest in the progress of the BWPPA .  Please take a few minutes to view our sponsors websites by clicking on their images.

Finally we would also like to take this opportunity to recognise the hard work of everyone involved with the charitable organisation “The Gentlemen’s Night Out” and thank them for their continued generosity.  Without their financial support the BWPPA would not be able to provide disabled American pool players an outlet to showcase their abilities in the UK.

See you soon!


Top 8 Rankings

1. Daniel Lee
2. Tony Southern
3. Roy Kimberley
4. Danny Luton
5. Craig Welsh
6. Dave Beaumont
7. Aslam Abubaker
8. Matt Lester

BWPPA Patron

Darren Appleton