BWPPA Double Elimination Tour Format 

PLEASE NOTE: Any player who is not ready to play at their scheduled match time will have a one rack deduction and another rack deducted at 5 minutes late and another at 10 minutes late, if the player is not at the table ready to play 15 minutes after their scheduled match time they will forfeit the match.  Players are advised to arrive 30 minutes before a match.



  • Players who are attending a BWPPA event for the first time will play for free.


  • Membership fees are £20 per season or £5 per event payable at first or each event attended.
  • Players who are ranked in the top 8 their entrance fees will be as follows.
    • Players ranked 1-4 pay £30 
    • Players ranked 5-8 pay £25 
    • Players ranked 9+ pay £20 

 So please check your Ranking before you attend the event.

  • All entrance fees will be pay on the day of the event.


The draw will be electronically generated by the tournament software at the start of play on Saturday at 10.00.


  • Players registration and meeting is from 9.30 – 10.00 play will start immediately after that (10am).  
  • We will play down to the last 4 if 16 players or less and last 8 if 17 players or more on Saturday.  If there’s a Losers Qualification  match to play both matches must start before 6pm on the Saturday otherwise they will be moved to a 9.30 start on the Sunday morning.  The Semi-Finals will commence on Sunday morning at 10.30am or after the Qualification matches if applicable.

PLEASE NOTE: A random draw for table allocation will take place just before matches start.  

  • The Main Event will be a double elimination until the Quarter-Finals unless there are under 17 players at which point it will be to the semi final stage.
  • All races in the winners & Losers side will be between 5-7 racks depending on banding system
  • The top 4 ranked attending players will be seeded.
  • Quarters or semi finals will be redrawn only if players have not met each other in the previous round
  • Winner breaks and players must lag for first break. (Tapped/Magic Rack tables alternate break format)

Please note when using the Magic Rack the 7 & 8 Ball are to be positioned directly behind the 1Ball and 2Ball is to be positioned at the back of the rack this is to avoid a soft break advantage.  The tournament director will be made aware of this rule, however the sole responsibility lies with the player not breaking to ensure the rack is laid out correctly.

  • The Main Event rankings will be updated after each event and the number one ranked player will be known as the UK Number One Wheelchair Player as long as they remain at the Number One position.  If points are level at any stage then the result from the previous tournament will decide ranking positioning. 
  • The rankings will be made up of your best 4 results based on your last 5 events.
  • After the last event of the season players will receive a prize from one of our sponsors depending on their ranking. 


  • Challenge-Cup will be held on the Sunday at 10.30am or immediately after the losers  qualification match (if applicable).
  • Only players who did not qualify for the knockout stage of the main event will be eligible to play in the in the Challenge Cup.  There will be a £10 entrance fee to enter  this event payable prior to the start of the event.
  • Challenge-Cup will be direct elimination and races to 5 racks in all rounds
  • Handicapped event by way of racks given.
  • Winner breaks and players must lag for first break.  (Tapped tables or magic rack alternate break format)
  • The Challenge cup will attract ranking points for all players, however only the winner, runner-up and both losing semi finalists will have their points added to their main event ranking points.  If points are level at any stage then the result from the previous tournament will decide positioning.
  • Winner 7 ranking points.
  • Runner-up 6 ranking points.
  • Semi finalist 5 ranking points.
  • Also at the end of the season the player ranked No.1 on the Challenge-Cup rankings will be offered a prize from one of our sponsors.  If the same player also finishes in the prizes on the main rankings  but decide to take the 1st place challenge prize then his/her main ranking prize will go to the second place finisher on the challenge.


  • Main Event and Challenge-Cup will have a pot of £850 shared  
  • Winner £300
  • R/Up £200
  • S/F(x2) £100£100 added to challenge fund so based on 8 players in challenge, the pot will be £180.


Rankings will be used when offering European & World Championship spots or other places at invitational events.  The highest ranked players will be offered places first and places may be made available to other players if players further down the rankings are unable to attend. What ever the rankings are on the required date of entry to these events will be used. 



The above criteria’s only apply if the BWPPA are requested by the international governing bodies to submit players to these events.  In some circumstance they may have there own selection process in which case the process will be out of our control.

Where possible the 5 highest ranked players (British Only) will receive some financial help towards their costs when attending the European & World Championships.  This will be based on an average cost identified by the committee.  This will only be available towards the cost of flights, accommodation and entry fees.  From 2016 those players eligable for financial support must have attended at least 3 of the last 5 ranking events in order to receive any support.  

All players attending a sanctioned European or World event has to pay an additional £20 membership to the British Pool Federation.

 Practice Play

  • Practice play is only available at the Barnsley event and a designated table will be made available.

Saturday Night Break & Dish/Money Match Comps (Optional)

Players buy 2 strips of raffle ticket for £5 or 5 strips for £10 they put their name on the back of each ticket and place them in the bucket.  Once everyone has entered who wants to we then start drawing out the raffle tickets.  As soon as your name is drawn you try to break and dish the rack.  The first person to do it wins the pot.  The top ranked players will have to break and dish a 10 ball rack whilst lower ranked players have to break and dish a 9Ball rack.  We will also tailer the rules to accommodate those players who can’t break the balls hard, by way of reducing the amount of balls on the table i.e a 7 ball rack or 5 ball rack depending on the player.  If no one Breaks & Dishes prize fund roles over to the next event.

10% of the prize fund goes back into the tour.


PLEASE NOTE – All players must have both feet and wheelchair footrests off the ground and one buttock touching the seat or seat cushion of the wheelchair when taking a shot to do otherwise will result in a foul stroke and ball in hand being awarded to the opponent.  


Players must act in a sportsman like manner at all times during the event and all supporters and friends must not distract players in any way.

Wheelchair seats can not measure any higher than 27 inches including cushions.

Any player who has qualified for the second days play in either the Main Event or Challenge Cup will forfeit any prize money and points attracted for that days play if they do not make themselves available to play on time.



Tournament director has final decision in ALL disputes.


 All tour members must observe the following rules of discipline.

1 Dress Code:

  • Dark polo shirt/t-shirt or jumper (No sport tops)
  • Dark Trousers (No T-Suite bottoms)
  • Dark Shoes.

Medical exemption will be at the committee’s discretion, so please check with the committee prior to attending the event if you have a medical reason .

2 Sponsors:

No BWPPA member must in any way criticise a BWPPA sponsor or any member of staff of a sponsoring firm. This includes comments made in private or public including Internet chat forums, Facebook, verbal, written, email or any other method. Sponsors include those mentioned on this website and venues hosting events. If any player has any concerns about any of our sponsors they must communicate these via the Committee who will investigate these concerns as appropriate on their behalf.

3 Tournament hosts:

The rule above applying to sponsors applies equally to firms who agree to host our events (who are sponsors too). When at tournament venues players and their guests must always conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner towards venue staff and other customers.  Venue facilities must be respected at all times. Drunkenness, abusive behaviour or any behaviour, which in the opinion of the Committee, is damaging to our sport or our relationship with our hosts will not be tolerated.

BWPPA value the relationships with our sponsors and hosts and take this VERY seriously. Any breaches of the above rules will be dealt with.

4 Conduct:

Members shall at all times conduct themselves in a proper manner consistent with their status as sportsmen. Members shall not make a nuisance of themselves during a match and shall not attempt to purposely cause their opponent to be distracted during a match. Members shall not make any improper vocal or non-vocal gestures at any time before, during or after a match. Members shall not make or cause to be made any statement (whether in writing or otherwise) or take or cause others to take action, which in the opinion of the Committee brings the Tour into disrepute.  This includes such forums as the BWPPA public and private presence on Facebook.

5 Officials:

Members shall treat the Tournament Director, dignity and respect. Members shall observe the rules of play and abide by the directions and decisions of the Tournament Director. Members must comply with the instructions of the Tournament Director concerning matters arising during a Tournament, which fall within the general authority and responsibility of the Tournament Director, whether or not specifically provided for in these Rules.

6  BWPPA Facebook Player Forum.

Any player not ranked on the BWPPA rankings will be removed from this forum until such time that they attend another event.  They will still remain on the BWPPA main Facebook page just not on the forum page.  

7  Grievances:

Any complaint or grievance arising during a Tournament shall be made or referred to and decided by the Tournament Director. A member who is dissatisfied with a decision of the Tournament Director under this Rule may make written representations to the Committee. The Committee shall consider the complaint or grievance afresh and make such decision as it deems fit.


The penalty for breaches of these rules is as follows:

1) Verbal Warning from the Tournament Director or Committee.

2) For repeat offences  disqualification from tour stop at which the breach occurs or the next event, and reported to the committee who have the power to ban the member from all future tour stops, or remove them from the private BWPPA Facebook forum.

Group Stage Format