European Pool Masters,

February 6, 2015 – February 7, 2015 all-day
The Parasport Games, Sweden

Message from The Organiser 

Hi everyone!

Finally the day has come for me to arrange a pool event in Sweden. Sorry that it took about 20 years but from now on I´ll try to make up for that.
The tournament is integrated in a huge international sport event called ”Malmö Open – The Parasport Games” where more than 2000 participants from all over the world are competeing in 22 different sports. It´s an annual event since 1977 and my intention is to have pool on the program from now on.
The tournament is inviting the eight players with the strongest performances in the 9-Ball European Championships over the years (1999 – 2014 not including EC 1995 and 1996) to decide who is the European Master 2015.
Here is a list (correct me if I´m wrong) of the top 12 players in question:
1. Jouni Täthi – 6 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze
2. Henrik Larsson – 5 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze
3. Fred Dinsmore – 2 gold, 1 silver and 5 bronze
4. Roy Kimberly – 2 gold, 1 silver and 4 bronze
5. Kurt DeKlerk – 1 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze
6. Emil Schranz – 1 silver and 3 bronze
7. Tony Southern – 1 silver and 1 bronze
7. Tankred Volkmer – 1 silver and 1 bronze
7. Daniel Luton – 1 silver and 1 bronze
7. Matt Duffy – 1 silver and 1 bronze
11. Matej Brajkovic – 5 bronze
If anyone of the top 8 decides not to come the following number is invited so please respond asap.
Tournament details
6-7 of february (players meeting 5/2 at 20:00 and departure day 8/2)
Double elimination, single elimination at semifinal stage.
Race to:
7 in the double elimination stage and a race to 9 in the semi- and final match.
1-ball on the spot, 3 point rule.
Scandic hotel, 95 Euro/double room and 85 Euro/single room. In order to get these rates you book your hotel room through me. Wheelchair access guranteed.
Entry fee:
50 Euro
Prize money:
1 place – 1000 Euro
2 place – 500 Euro
3 place – 250 Euro (x2)
ASAP but the latest on the 23rd of january.
Travel information
You fly to Copenhagen and take the transfer directly from the airport to ”Triangeln” in Malmö. Your hotel is located at Triangeln and it´s called Scandic Hotel. Transfer is wheelchair accessable.
Transportation back and forth the venue will be arranged and followed by a time table and if you want to do extra transport, the same distance cab fare is 9 Euro/trip.
Extra information
We are using two tables. One is a Brunswick gold crown 4 and the other one is a Brunswick Metro. The players will be rotated on these tables not to give anyone special treatment.
The arena is located in a stadium alley where lots of people are passing through and are able to watch the games.
The matches are most likely to be recorded and if anyone has any objections of these matches being put out on youtube, please let me know, or otherwise we will make them available there.
For further information you can contact me on:
+46 707 313566
I wish you all a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!
Yours truly / Henrik


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